Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What I'm working on at the moment - in bullet points!

Here's  the papers I am working on at the moment - with various inspiring people:

  • 'Ambient liveness: The language of live-tweeting' with Shooshi Dreyfus @ Department of Linguistics, University of Sydney. (A study of a corpus of Qanda tweets)
  • 'Referencing popular culture: Fan T-shirts and Tweets as mobile narratives' with Monika Bednarek (primary author)  @ Department of Linguistics, University of Sydney. (A study of Big Bang Theory fan t-shirts and tweets)
  • 'Real-time filters: Aestheticizing quotidian experience in images posted to social media streams' with Sumin Zhao @ Department of Linguistics, University of Sydney.  (A study of coffee and 'what's in my bag' images on Instagram)
  • 'Ambient affiliation in microblogging' (A study of tweets about sleep as a domestic practice)
  •  'Real-time publics: Construing stances about asylum in Australian microblogging' with Ramaswami Harindranath @ School of Arts and Media, UNSW. ( A study of tweets containing the term 'boat people')


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